Monday, April 21, 2014

 I last posted to the blog when I was two weeks pre-op for gastric by-pass surgery.  Now I am 2 days shy of  4 weeks on the other side.  In bariatric circles this is a very common term "this side" or "the other side" of one of the most dramatic actions one would ever take.  Thus far I have not  yet met or corresponded with anyone who regrets their decision to do this radical procedure.

That in itself is pretty amazing.  The only over cautious words have been from my local primary care physician who wants me to realize that not everyone is successful in this venture.  He then related several stories of persons who failed.  That was not a very helpful conversation but perhaps I will value it more as I go along.

Today I went walking in the great outdoors and enjoyed it.  There is so much new to adapt to that I have not gone far from home except to post op trips to Baltimore for follow up appointments.

I have thought seriously about what I would share publicly and I decided that just as with my experience with Gene illness and death I will be very up front about what I have done.  If it becomes a burden to you, please feel free to share that with me, [or choose not to read my post!], but I hope instead of burden I can shed light on some "unmentionables" in my world that I wish were mentionable.

The question everyone wants to know even if they do not ask it [inside bariatric circles and outside] is.... have I lost weight?  After all that was the biggest goal and the one that would effect all of any other change. So yes, brutal honesty, I have lost 32 lbs since February when I changed my eating pattern to a bariatric style and pattern and 22 of those have been in the 3+ weeks post op.  I am pleased every time I step on the scale because for the first time in my life change is being wrought without gnawing hunger and serious feelings of deprivation.  and the change is not 0.2 lbs at a time.  This recovery time period has had it's own challenges and I am very happy to have a couple of close friends whom have had weight loss surgery and a very active facebook group of supporters who have all had surgery by this same group of doctors.

More in weeks to come but I wanted to give you an update in case you were wondering.

I am preparing for going to camp to be the camp nurse all summer over on Rehoboth Bay.  It will be an opportunity to put my new more active life plan into action.

So I am out and about and looking for a Bible about you?