Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Traumatic Days--Victorious Days!

The meeting didn't go so well and I cried so very hard afterward.  It was just as I had feared a 'make life decisions meeting'  Should he take a sudden down turn should he be placed on life support, should we preform CPR, should he be placed on a respirator requiring intubation and possibly a trach?  "It is good for us to have this conversation"  I am told--NO--IT WAS NOT A GOOD CONVERSATION!!!!!!!!!!

I am told that this doctor is very very good and filled with compassion but he gives Gene about a 20% chance of recovery and a 20-30% chance of a sudden death.

I walked back to my room.  I cried.  I got up out of my bed of tears and sat at the table and began to pray and listen to the Lord.  "This man does not know everything. He doesn't KNOW, he only tries to figure My ways.  I know my ways, I number man's days"  I repeat to myself--This man doesn't know...He doesn't know.  He DOESN'T KNOW!

And I am encouraged.

Yesterday early things appeared as they had that horrible time on Monday, he spiked a fever, his blood pressure is out of control, he is not responding much.  Pastor Rick came we prayed, we sang Great is Thy Faithfulness and  You shall go out with joy; and Pastor read scripture the Lord had showed him to share.  All the while Gene lay nearly naked on a ice blanket unresponsive with tubes everywhere top to bottom and I do mean top [staples in his scalp] to bottom; where they have a constant thermometer; to the bottom of his feet [where he wears a boot to keep his feet in proper alignment].  IV lines to his heart and in an artery of his wrist as well as two other IV lines and a tube through his nose to his stomach.

I walked Pastor and friend to the metro and returned to Gene's room and told him we were going to take him HOME--He opened his eyes!  I sang this little song we learned when the children were little:

 Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace, I want to see my Savior's face, cause Heaven is a wonderful place.  I cried while I sang it.

At 5:30pm he opened both his eyes and really truly recognized that I was there.  He spoke his name....He spoke my name....He answered questions by squeezing my hand appropriately.  He was asked again [as he has been asked 10 kabillion times] to show two fingers--He took my hand and isolated two of my fingers.  Show 3 fingers... he changed my hand around to show three fingers of my hand to the nurse!

last night he had fever again but not as high, another CAT scan to check the status of the deep bleed
He is more responsive this morning I am told [I cannot see him until noon]

Are we out of the woods?   --not by a long shot

Will he completely recover and be a healthy man again--pretty unlikely with the huge amount of metastasis of the cancer.

Was I blessed and am I thankful for that small gift to me last night from the Lord--oh YES!

Today holds a meeting of the whole team to make plans to get him home to our house if there is anyway possible.  Several more things must happen in quick succession for that to be accomplished but those things can be done.

The meeting will be 1pm or 1:30 pm

At 12:15 I am going to lay hands on his abdomen and pray that the tumors silenced.  It is the opinion of the melanoma doctor that the tumors in his abdomen are speaking hormonally to the rest of his system and telling them lies and giving wrong instruction such as ..brain...swell; kidneys ...imbalance the electrolytes; temperature erratic; gut ...shut down.

Join me as we pray [even if you pray a different time]  tell those tumors to be the name of Jesus!

And I will be thankful for the opportunity to pray and I will be thankful for this day.  I CHOOSE to PRAISE my GOD AND KING and SAVIOR--I want to see my Savior's face cause Heaven is a wonderful place!!

I choose I choose I choose to be thankful and I am glad that I do!


Anonymous said...

Joanie, continuing to pray for all of you. So glad you have nurses training and are strong. Saw Puller last night, didn't get to talk very long. May you be blessed with comfort, strength, and wisdom. Love to you all.

Lindy said...

Hi Dear Joanie, We are praying and praying for your whole family, and I'm sending you a hug! I'm not sure what I did when I signed on here to make myself a "Follower", rather than a "Member", but I hope you find it encouraging to know that you have one follower:) Know that you are loved and that we will continue to pray!!! Nahum 1:7

Denise said...

Yes Joanie I speak to them with you. Silence be to you tumors. Lord show us how pray to help Gene's body heal itself. Give Joanie the wisdom to speak to his organs and all the hormones in Gene's abdomen to be hormonally balanced. Send someone trained in the knowledge of hormones and receptors that can tell what it is that is sitting on them and causing the hormones to not respond. We call Gene's hormones to order and ask that whatever is sitting on them and causing them not to respond be released and enable his body to respond to his treatments and be healed in Jesus name. Yes Lord you know our days and hours. continue to give Joanie the courage and wisdom that she needs today to face each moment. Give Gene peace and comfort and the courage to keep fighting like he is. What a brave man Lord. Be with their children, comfort them in their time of need. I ask all these things in the name of the one who is our help in our time of need 'Jesus'. Amen.

Barbara said...

We continue to pray for you and Gene and your children with so much love in our hearts !

"The Lord your God is with you
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with
singing." Zephaniah 3:17