Thursday, January 5, 2012

55 things today

  Mostly not in order but #1 can stay #1!!!!!
  1. The Majesty of God...He never ceases to amaze me.
  2. The power of the brain to learn
  3. the estimate to replace the heating system.[the guy could have mailed it but he hand delivered it]
  4. a listening ear
  5. The joy of having and raising my children.
  6. ice cream
  7. scripture in so many different styles and in so many languages
  8. the book 10,000 Things To Praise God For
  9. all 3 of my children passing their driving tests and being such good drivers
10. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
11. music
12. a car that starts
13. heat in my house
14. compassion [God once told me that I would have tears of compassion flow down my back--I thought I am not a very compassionate person, how will that be...It did [and does] happen!]
15. friends who have endured much crying on their shoulders
16. right judgement
17. bedtime
18. morning [I do my best thinking and chores in the morning]
19. feather pillows
20. A heating pad in my bed before I get in!
21. bacon on an everything bagel
22. a TV..I have fasted this many times and I have had extended fasts and I probably think we shouldn't ever watch it but I DOOO love to watch good shows!
23. Even better --great movies
24. navel oranges
25. children's books, grown-up books, new books old books!
26. discovering Charlotte Mason education information
27. Silly songs
28. butter
29. classic stories that never grow old
30. steak
31. a new roof [I'd be pushing it to be particularly thankful for the hurricane but in reality if the roof had gone from just old age the insurance would not have helped to pay for the new roof!!!!!!!!!!   Soooooo..........
32. Hurricanes
33. Gene receiving official retirement from the state of MD before he escaped to heaven
34. Dr.William Scharfman in Baltimore
35. The oncology staff at Hopkins
36. The learning process from a challenging childhood that maybe ..just maybe helping even now.
37. a recliner
38. internet!
39. That Gene's final sentence was "I love you" looking right inside me!
40. That Gene was able to communicate even just a little with each of our children before he died.
41. a friend who came and flattened my humpitty bumpitty driveway and yard!!!!
42. finding a home improvement company I could trust, that I know Gene liked too.
43. birthday parties
44. fresh veggies from friend's gardens
45. Lou's discount grocery store
46. photographs
47. board games
48. that Gene gave all of our children the work ethic that he had and that they embraced it.
49. ministry opportunities particularly in teaching
50. administrative to administrate!
51. this blog

and listed last so as to make an impression.......

52. Gene Gordy Adkins
53. Puller John Gordy Adkins
54. Kathryn Marie Hemphill Adkins
55. Hunter Philip Cottingham Adkins

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