Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4..31 Days of Simple Praise Yahweh

October 1985
This picture is of one of my favorite places.  Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary near Hamburg, PA

This particular picture was the first time Gene had been there.

In October, climb the mountain, look waaaaaay out over STUNNING fall foliage, look toward the 5 humped mountain and you are in the midst of the Eastern Flyway of migrating birds.

Listen as the naturalists help everyone on the mountain identify the red tailed hawks from the golden eagles, the broad wing hawks from the occasional owls out in the daytime, The bald eagles that we all delight in spotting!

My mother is seated to Gene's right. To her right is a valley where the birds ride the updrafts and rest until they are ready to continue their travels.

Oh Yahweh you do good stuff!

Oh and at the midway point down the mountain is the nature center with lots of information at what you will see on the mountain as well as a record and bird count by species of what they saw yesterday and last week and last year and last decade and a completely 'green' restroom facility built long before it was the fad.  [Just KNEW you would want to know about that too!]

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