Saturday, November 20, 2010

first efforts

          Here I am!  I have been thinking about blogging for about 6 months or more but couldn't begin as I had no title!  then I found encouragement to post things I am thankful for throughout the month of November and I really enjoyed doing so.  I morphed into the title Thankful Every Day and the more I thought about it the better I liked it.  Rarely does a day go by that I am grumpy and unhappy ALL day long.  I really do look for things to be pleased and thankful about.  The negatives are opportunities for prayer.  The positives lead to more things to be thankful about.  I speak of the things that are simple, they don't need to be big, just recognized!  Delicious food, being warm enough [or cool enough!] having meaningful relationships, reaching out to other people with wisdom God has revealed to me and receiving the same from them.  Purposeful work, completed tasks, greater connection to the Master of the universe.
           I love to look for His hand in the simple things and I like to say...It looks like a Bible lesson to me!!!!
I look forward to sharing my thoughts and would love some feedback from you!


Cheryl said...

Welcome to the blogging world, friend! I just know you'll have lots of good things to say!

Anonymous said...

Welcome! Looking forward to reading your thoughts.