Thursday, June 30, 2011

A new and different walk and a challenge

This is a new day and a new walk and I am determined to find the something to be thankful for.  On Monday [4 days ago] we found out that my husband of 26 years has a cancer called Metastatic Malignant Melanoma.  My mother died of this same kind of cancer 20 years ago so you can imagine the thoughts in our minds.  The last four days have been filled with talk to our families and lots of conversations with lots of medical people and asking EVERYONE we know to pray for wisdom of the medical community and for God to be glorified in this walk.  Most of our immediate family is not in right relationship with God and we fervently desire to see them understand God differently.

Yesterday and again today we began to see some of those prayers being answered things.  We have been accepted by several medical facilities specializing in just this form of cancer.  Tests have been added that will be really helpful, additional lab work done that involved tissue being sent to Johns Hopkins for exam before we even get there and favor to be seen by the doctor of our choice locally who couldn't/wouldn't accept any new patients offer us the choice of 3 appointments...whatever we wanted!

 I am looking for a way of being Thankful

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Cheryl said...

It is so good to hear of your definite answers to prayer!

I love that you are looking through the darkness to find reasons to be thankful. What an encouragement... to yourselves and to others! You are already being used to bring glory to God!