Saturday, July 2, 2011

The True and the Real

When Gene and I first met at Living Stones Church (back in the day when our meeting place was not the lovely building we now have, but a small union hall where we gathered up the other tenants beer cans and aired out their smoke each Sunday morning), I though he was a bit of a bore.  He only ever talked about three topics, factual history [not stories from history], guns and horses.  But he seemed to show up everywhere that I was showing up to help with whatever project was being done within the church.  Was it the free food?...perhaps...Was it the fellowship?....perhaps, though as I say he only talked about the same three topics or was it that he had a gifting from the Holy Spirit of God in the area of Helps?  All that was ever needed to gain his assist was a 'Would you help me please?'  Sure, Whatya need? would come the answer.

Later as I got to know him I found some DEEP thoughts in him that he didn't often share with others.  His love of military history was based on a deep patriotic fervor for our nation.  His love of horses stemmed from sweet communion with the vulnerable things in life.  That man's obligation to the animals he cared for was a very serious commitment and would extend to anything a man gave his word of honor about.  And the guns?...they were a fascination of skill of manufacture and accuracy of production to protect and defend the helpless against evil.

Three years later the day came during a Sunday morning worship -- out of nowhere, it seemed, this thought in my head.  Gene Adkins is going to date you.  [Please know how much I had wanted a romantic relationship, but how miserably I had failed at finding one for myself  and had therefore told God I was going on without one]  Get thee behind me satan I told the thought.  I do not need another false hope especially about an awkward, boring guy!  Three weeks went by and I never once thought of the words again.

I will tell you more another day.
for now I am.....

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Kristin said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of this story!!!