Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Reveal

Today we shared with our closest family members, those in our church about the walk we are embarking upon.  I spoke, I sniffed, Gene spoke, we both cried and then we sang with our entire congregation the song How Great Is Our God.  The part of the chorus I needed to sing was the line "Sing with me...How great is our God"  We all cried but we confessed truth.  We do not know what things God has to teach us as we travel this road but today He dropped into my heart that we would meet people who have no hope and we will have a brand new mission field as we share the hope that dwells within us.  That of Christ Jesus and His care of us.

Our family is supportive and they will be faithful to pray from the youngest to the most senior members they will pray.  We have been added to pray chains all over the place.  Yesterday we received a card signed by 7 people we didn't know and one we did!

Today I have accused Gene of having "squishy heart syndrome" because everything at church today was precious to him...and to me, from the worship to the prayer to the sermon to the Sunday School class to the hamburgers and brownies for a 4th of July picnic on the 3rd of July, to the little children singing oh the blood of Jesus.  He enjoyed the whole day.  Squishy heart--a new diagnosis!

and I am

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Cheryl said...

How comforting to know that your "reveal" went well.
(I like the "squishy heart syndrome too. ;-)
May you continue to feel His loving arms around you all...