Monday, July 4, 2011

Why do you celebrate July 4th?

In 1956,  I was due to be born before Christmas, no, after Christmas, no, for sure a 1957 New Year baby and finally arrived on January 4th but with all the Christmas celebration I always felt let down for my birthday.  A few years ago it finally dawned on me that I probably always compared my birthday celebration with the BIG celebration in September when my younger sister was the 20th , my older brother the 24th and an aunt who lived with us on the 28th so we usually had a big celebration with three cakes and hoopla at a picnic in the park!  Wonder if they ever desired their own special day?  Meanwhile I was born on my great, great Aunt Peggy's birthday and she turned 74 the day I was born.  I grew up to know her very, very well as she lived to be 98! and we at times joined with her for our birthdays but usually it was a get back to routine after Christmas [in my mind], often the first day back to school and always a "put the boxed Christmas things in the attic" day.   Well, somewhere along the way I read a story about a child who's birthday was on Christmas Day and they felt the same way I did and they solved it by having a party on their half birthday.  annnnnd when you calculate 6 months from January get....FIREWORKS!!!!!!

Nowadays I so enjoy my birthday in January, usually with board games and ice cream and special friends sometimes a day trip, I went to Longwood Gardens a couple of years ago and that was DELIGHTFUL!
But every bit as much fun is the fireworks for my half birthday!  So now two for the price of one!

and so for today I am

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