Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Scan Day

Finally it is here.  It has taken forever to arrive but scan day is here.  Today we travel to the local "body imaging" place to look inside Gene's entire body and see where any melanoma is lurking.  The goal being annihilation of it without the annihilation of Gene!

We have heard two testimonies in the last 24 hours [one in an internet blog and one from a real person link] of people having melanoma NO MORE! so a tiny seed of hope has been planted.

We will learn about CAT scan where the entire image of your body organs can be seen and PET scan where the function of your organs can be observed so they can "see" your kidney excreting urine and "see" your liver making bile and finish our day with a brain MRI so that every nuance of his brain tissue can be observed.

And just a few weeks ago we were concerned at the invasive procedures at the airport!

All the results will soon be on their way to "THE " melanoma man at Johns Hopkins who will then interpret what clinical trails of treatment Gene may qualify for.  Will it be the vaccine trial, the genetic trial, the chemo trial or surgical  treatment?  or the big combo pack?  What is the prognosis.......that's what we really want to know but then God, the all mighty, the King of Glory says only He can number our days and he already knows, while the medical community makes guesses.

I am so glad for today to arrive, yet so sad it ever had to arrive but so glad for the technology that may give some information we couldn't have had without it so I choose to be


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