Friday, July 22, 2011

You know those prayer needs from Wednesday night?????

Thursday [could it have really only have been yesterday?] we were recovering from our long day in Baltimore on Wednesday.  Honestly we had prayed Wednesday night in the car traveling home for the Lord to speed this process up because it felt like we were doing nothing for so many weeks and now had two more weeks to wait before treatment would begin.  This meant that if the tumors were not stopped by prayer they would have more time to grow and spread before we sent in the big guns.  When you are dealing with a tumor this is awesome but when you are talking 24 tumors it can be overwhelming.

As we are being reminded by so many praying saints God is at work both in the small and the large things.

This is what He allowed:

God allowed us to discover 3 more tumors growing in Gene's brain.  The blessing is that they were not there on July 5th and two weeks later we know about them and they will not have an opportunity to grow another two weeks unchecked.

Additionally he has allowed the discovery of radiation therapy that is proven to kill tumors.

He has placed us in the hands of the most experienced cancer center and in the care of the leading melanoma doctors in the world [how 'bout that one!]

The way it worked is this......Gene had an additional MRI on Wednesday and since those extra tumors were found the whole idea of waiting two more weeks to hit the tumors with stereotactic synergy [or what I have called gattling gun effect]  we changed the plan of attack to whole brain irradiation.  This will not only attack the 3 we knew about and the 3 just discovered but in case there are any seeds thinking about multiplying they will get zapped too!  And it was to begin today [Friday]  So quick, pray, starting at 8:30 am when the doctor called me ......organize your life so you can leave home tomorrow morning at 6am [pray] and be gone for 2 weeks leaving your house and animals to the care of your worried [pray] and yet adult children. [pray]  They get 6 hours or less to get their heads around the whole idea.[pray]  Do some grocery shopping so you do not have to eat fast or restaurant food every day  for 2 weeks, choose a hotel [pray] and figure out how in the world you are going to pay for it [pray] when your income has been reduced by not working overtime for the last month.  Contact essential people [pray] --deal with their levels of upset.  Pray.  Pack without forgetting any important items [yes I did forget some things like real silverware [we have plastic] and the bottle of nyquil that is helping me sleep] and oh yes here is a good one..[pray]...try to sleep before you drive again!

But you know God is GOOD and it all got done!

Today we arrived at a very nice hotel in Baltimore and have been granted several privileges afforded to hospital patients staying in the hotel.  [PRAISE!] We have free parking [PRAISE!] and free transport door to door from hotel to hospital. [PRAISE!]  We have free breakfast and may carry food from the dining hall to our room.  We have microwave and fridge in our room.  We have a discount on all other meals in the hotel.  Twice already we needed maintenance and they were here within two minutes of our call each time!  We NOW know how to work the remote! and we retrieved the lost medication by moving all the furniture![PRAISE>>>PRAISE>>>PRAISE!]

We have had the first treatment and although it was upsetting we have some ideas on how to make it better tomorrow.   It is noisy and Gene must wear an immobilizing "mask" while the treatment occurs.  And although the technician can see him at all times and he can call out or wave his arms he is completely alone in a large room with huge machinery making zzzzzzzap noises at his head which he can not move!

Looking for a better night's sleep than last night and I choose to be thankful every day.

[Today God allowed me to see several people who do not choose to be thankful and that only reinforces my resolve to find things ...every to be grateful for.  Will you join me?]


Kate A. said...

I played a random thankful game with B & K while waiting for people. I said I was thankful for ...butter...and chocolate...and flip-flops... and that i get to sleep-in in the morning :)
I LOVE You! give Dad a hug for me

o__(--)__o = aka hug

Puller Adkins said...

Glad to see you're settling in. I must take issue with the term "Gatling gun treatment" however. Ask Dad, and he will point out that the Gatling was used to wipe out enemies en masse (leaving aside it's tendency to jam and/or overheat), not with pinpoint accuracy as the term "Gamma knife treatment" implies.

I rest my case. You called maintenance to help work the remote???

Barbara said...

Joanie ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ... John and I are up here in NY at a great place but it is a spiritual desert and we have no Christian fellowship. John and I have just read all your blogs from start to finish and are so grateful to you for sharing your family's walk. John says you should write a book ! You have truly made a lasting impression on him ! You have touched my heart so deeply! We love and appreciate you so very much ! You are all in our hearts and prayers ! Isaiah 40:31