Saturday, July 23, 2011

Keep walking keep walking.......

Today is hard.  We are both so vulnerable and tears hang close to the surface.  Gene feels miserable today from a side effect of his anti nausea medicine and between the anxiety of the radiation treatment, the misery of the side effect, the boredom of so many days of not doing much of anything, the looming of the disease and the difficulty of being away from home have caught up with us.

Pray that by early next week at the latest we can move to the other housing
Pray that the side effects resolve SOON.
Pray for our spirits to be lightened
Continue to pray for medical wisdom.

We ARE thankful that the nursing staff had nothing to do but help us this morning [or so it seemed] as we sought counsel for the side effect.

We are thankful for the sweet and kind drivers of the jitney bus that takes us back and forth to the hospital.  both have been so kind.

Some days are just harder than others but I remain thankful every day.


dishgirl said...

I hear the fatigue in your writing, Joan(i almost said voice). I hope you are able to rest better tonight. I hope Gene's meds sit better with him tomorrow. Is the hospital housing you are waiting for free or at least more affordable than where you are now? I hope they can get you in sooner rather than later. I imagine that those people who are more negative are not good to be around in this situation. I hope you can find some like minded people who can be thankful along with you, up there. I will continue to pray for you guys. Love, Sharon

Sergio said...

You and your dear husband are in our prayers. May God grant you peace and feel his loving arms around you. Also, I pray God will send you others in your path to encourage and support you while you are away. I am encouraged by your holding on to the cloak of our loving Master. He is right there with you. Love to you both. -A. H.

Deb said...

Chuck and I are thinking about you guys...hoping you both can get home soon!