Sunday, July 24, 2011

a bible lesson

It Looks like a Bible Lesson to me!  That is a common phrase I am fond of saying.  Applied to all kinds of situations I try to look for what is God teaching here.  Simple truths that are available to us in our every day lives.

like chewing gum can remind you to stick to God
but don't mix peanut butter [or chocolate] in your mouth with your gum because it will all fall apart and lose it's chewability  likewise don't mix other stuff in with God as the leader in your life.  It will get all messed up!

or as a hula hoop can remind you that God goes around your whole life as well as up and down

Or the tassels on an orthodox or messianic Jew's talit to remind them of God's precious laws we can apply that just as well to the tassels on our hats or the fringes on shirts we see if it reminds us of the laws of God.

Or a globe can help us to see the wisdom of the scripture that God casts repented sin as far as East is from West and we can easily see there is no dimension to that --you can not go east until you reach west.  Where if he had said he would cast repented sin as far as North is from South and we can see that it  is a long long way but it is finite and you could find it again because if  you go North far enough that you are once again traveling South.

 I see bible lessons in lots of things!

I am trying to see the bible lesson in what today has brought.  Patience, perseverance, kindness, gentleness all were lessons available today as we battled cancer in a hotel room with not much to do all day but deal with the side effects of the anti nausea medicine and the challenges of being in a small room with no work to do and no motivation to go anywhere to do something more entertaining.  We did walk some and Gene taught me how to play Gin Rummy and we played scrabble several times.  But the day has passed and sleep will soon take us to the next radiation treatment and the first consultation with the doctor since learning of the additional tumors.  It may also take us to the knowledge of when chemo will begin and if there will be a suite for us at the cancer care center across the street from the treatment part of the hospital.

Some days it is more difficult to see the Bible lessons; but I am still thankful every day and I trust that God will reveal the lessons I am next ready to learn.

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