Thursday, August 4, 2011


out of the city!    [Thankful--especially Gene]

done with radiation!   [thankful--it is an awesome thing to shoot radiation into your brain 10 times]

chemo has begun!   [this is what we have been waiting for--something to attack the cancer cells -so THANKFUL]

good physicians who understand this form of cancer so very well!  [thank you Lord that my friend at the YMCA told us about this clinic and this doctor.  I do not think I will ever understand why we were not told about it by any of the local doctors]

the sweetness of relationships when THEY are all that really matter anyway.  [You know a lot of other stuff has to be done and tended to but the emotional life [our very souls] are where our relationships  live and they give us expression in our lives.  I am thankful--are you?]

burdens......they stimulate us to pray and pray fervently and since that fulfills the scripture that says to pray without ceasing  I can be thankful...I choose to express thanks for burdens.


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