Friday, August 5, 2011

It is Difficult to be home

Of course we are glad to be home but it is also difficult.  There is trash to dump and groceries to manage and people coming and going and too much of everything to be done to watch the time carefully to be sure I do the essentials when they are supposed to be done.  I told a friend tonight I almost wish we were back in the little tiny housing with the limited groceries and the three days worth of clothing and the daily routine established by someone else [like the radiation department] and just the two of us to manage.  [I am thankful to be back in our own bed though!!!]

And I am thankful for the wonderful people in our lives who care so much and want to help, if only I could figure out what I need.

We have been so BLESSED by our friends and family, someone most unexpectedly came to mow our grass today, another came and walked the dogs with Gene, another loaned us their treadmill to help get some exercise, another brought fresh veggies, another gave us a condo in FL for a visit we have been wanted very badly to do in Sept., another called to ask permission to add us to 4 international prayer sites! and Gene's brother came to sit and visit while I made a quick trip to Walmart and Sams.  [that's 7 thanksfuls just for this day!--just in case you didn't count]

Please pray ...the biggest issue right now is the most embarrassing but his gut is not working properly at all and we need the Lord's intervention that that get righted as soon as possible.  the doctor says it is likely the effects of the disease and the hormones the tumors are making and sending out that are effecting his gut but all the same it must work  and it is not being predictable or helpful currently.

This is a process and I choose to be...Thankful ...Every ...Day at least for as much of it as I can.

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