Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 thankful Days not Day 7......... but Day 8!

I have discovered that late at night I can not keep proper track of the days of the month!  Thus today's title!

I am thankful today that my 3 adult children came together in the most trying of circumstances and dug the hole in the ground to place their Dad's ashes tomorrow.  They worked together and supported each other and got the difficult done.

There is joy in doing that which is difficult even if it wipes you out.  This wiped me out.  Such a paradox.

That's all I can do today.......Just choose to be thankful no matter what my insides feel like.

I received a note today just reminding me that another is still praying for me daily.  How I thank the Lord for friends like many of you who also continue to uphold us.  If I don't know you personally I am still thankful that you care.

And a phone call from a long time friend who lost her husband 8 years ago.  It is hard sometimes to look  past the now into the beyond and believe the healing will be progressing but I know truth and I know that is truth.  So I walk day at a time. [Just now I am working on a few seconds at a time because today is hard.]

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