Thursday, October 20, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day # 20

I am thankful for advil tonight!  I know, I know Jesus is my healer but I am also glad he allowed man to invert a medicine that helps when your whole body cries out.....ooooooooo!

I told you I was out of shape [even the one I was in!] but today I served at Brother Ken Matthews' funeral reception.  What a joy to give back to their family what they gave to ours just months ago when Ken and Shirley came to see Gene and myself several times.  Gene and Ken cried together and prayed together and supported each other and now they are both in service and worship in heaven.  Joy fulfilled, but it was a hard day too.  My body doth protest.  But my spirit is glad I went and I rejoiced in serving.

I am Thankful ....for this

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