Friday, October 21, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day # 21

What can I find to say build up my faith?  I feel nervous and unsettled and anxious about the demolition and re-roofing project but even if Gene was here to supervise and work the project I would be nervous about it.  So I AM thankful so many are coming to help me.  I just want it to go smoothly!

I realized tonight that I didn't think of coffee at all so I am thankful for people still asking what do I need!

I am thankful for Pam taking me out to lunch today.  I cried on her shoulder several times but she understood!

I am thankful for the drinks and sandwiches that arrived to day.

I am thankful for the vocal ensemble  that presented all of us this wonderful music a Capella about Hot Cocoa and another about Fruitcake and still a third on the Joy of the Lord!  Thank you Wilcox Quintet!

I am thankful for my sons who are so willing to do what they can do for the roof tomorrow.

And I am thankful for my daughter who has purchased supplies, moved yard stuff, taken care of dogs for our neighbors [who are traveling]  and working full time AND giving of herself to Community Players this weekend as well!

Time to try to go to bed and sleep.  Oh Lord, settle me!

Another time of Choose  a Thankful ....Every .....Day attitude and not give in to any other emotion!

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Marie said...

praying all goes wonderfully with your roofing project today!