Sunday, October 23, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day # 23

There no doubt about the thankfulness I feel today.  I AM thankful for all the people who have been at my house tearing off the old roof and putting on the new, BUT I am much more thankful to God that everyone of them gave of themselves and their families selflessly, just as the scripture instructs us to do!   I pray for each of them that their efforts are gratifying and that God teaches them wonderful things by their sacrifice.  God has always allowed me to be blessed when I have labored to help someone else.

Once when I was working at the hospital there was a man in room #4 and he had horrible sores on his legs from poor circulation.  These were not just sore places, they were open, seeping, weeping wounds that were infected and stinky!  I am making that graphic a description because I learned a bible lesson from that man.  The man was not only pretty sick but he was real grump too!  He said bad things and bad words and never said thank you for helping me.  Well, we nurses needed to soak his feet and wash his sores about 6 times a day.  This pretty much could not be done without getting on your knees and lifting his feet into the basin and then sponging his legs with the medicated water.  Then carefully patting them dry, and helping him back to bed.  NOBODY wanted the job!  He was too grouchy and his legs were nasty!

I decided I was going to do his legs and do them right but boy oh boy I was not looking forward to it --and I had to do it twice on my shift!  I went in and prepared the water and helped him to sit up in the chair, I got on my knees and began and the Lord took over!  He chastened me for my thoughts and attitudes, He challenged me to love this man, He asked that I be grateful for the opportunity to serve Him by serving the sick man.  He has taught me SO very many lessons through the man with icky legs.  When I went to give his legs a bath again 4 hours later, I went in with a different attitude and for several more days I cared for the man and you know what, I started liking him!  That was many many years ago and I have forgotten his name and I don't know if he got all better or not but I got changed by helping somebody who couldn't help themselves.

That's why when I found myself in a position of needing all of your help, with prayers and roofing and clean up and ..........just everything........ surrounding Gene's death, I cried out to God and he sent so many to comfort me and guide me and encourage me and give me hugs ..........and re-roof my house!  AND help me get rid of A LOT of trash!

Oh, I am......... Thankful.......Every .......Day!

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