Monday, October 24, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day # 24

Tonight I am going to confess thankfulness for healing and wait to see the mercy of God.

Throughout the weekend of roof restoration I knew the likelihood of over stressing my body would take a toll but by last night my left knee had ballooned.  I have started the process of taking anti-inflammatory meds and icing the knee and today made it to the chiropractor for electrostatic stimulation and ice there as well as helping my other joints cooperate.  Shew what a day!

In other thankful news I am killing more gnats and even a fly in the kitchen overnight tonight.  I laid out  a big vinegar trap for the night mixed with dishsoap and they are all coming to visit. I also put the pomegranates outside and the apples in the fridge and ate the nectarine so hopefully the counter will be visible in the morning!

I am tired and cold and a tad bit weary of 'stuff' tonight so I am going to choose a praise song and put myself to bed and sing myself to sleep.

I am ....that I know how to do that.................. and I will choose not to complain because that does nothing but hinder my walk with the Lord!

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