Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day # 25

I am thankful for shared grief.  It isn't easy to walk this path and I do not know from day to day [sometimes from hour to hour] what will grab and pull at my heart.  It can be a visual thing, a thought,  a food or a memory but it is often unexpected.  And the tears whelm and the nose runs and the chest heaves and the stomach lurches. 

But sharing it via blog posts and sharing it with some of you in person, and sharing it with my children, moves it along.  I can not say it makes it better because there is a recovery from each incident but it moves the logjam around a bit and gradually it will clear.  Then I can walk the next steps.  There is so much I do not want to do without Gene.  But as I shared with Kate tonight not doing it doesn't fix the hurt either and I am so very glad he not only is not in pain but I am absolutely persuaded he does not know of our pain because he would not be able to be content in the glories of heaven if he was aware of this hurt.

Thanks for being there and not running away from our pain.

Turtles turtles turles...Hunter is going to college....Kate is working at the community theater.....Puller's car is getting fixed.....I should go eat dinner.

I choose  I Choose  I CHOOSE to believe in all God says.  today in my bible reading I read about the messiah's birth......felt like Christmas!

Thankful....every...day to be able to choose.

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