Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Thanksgiving

Did you know that October is Thanksgiving month Canada!

And today is Yom Teruach or Rosh Hashanna or The Day of Trumpets and also known as the beginning of the Jewish new year but this is only a civil or governmental new year...the real New Year is at Passover in the spring.

But my thankful thing for today is for Brother Dick Webster receiving a Shofar from the Twilley family following one of their first trips to Israel.  He thanked them and placed it for all to see.  I was fascinated!  How would it sound, would it be simple to blow, .......would it be like blowing a conch shell [my great grandfather blew one of those] ?..... or like blowing a blade of grass between your thumbs [many times we had squealed tunes on greenery!] ?  I had played the coronet trumpet in 5th and 6th grades of elementary school....could I get any sound from it?  I was aching to know!

I asked waited until most people had left the building and asked Bro Dick if I could blow it.  "YES", he said!!!!

I took it in hand, held it to my lips and blew...oh what a glorious sound came forth!  What fun!  What an honor!  I LOVED IT!

Today I blow the shofar to open our Sunday morning worship every week and I have learned to use it in worship and in intercessory prayer.  I have heard many blown, and though it seems very easy to me I have also had the privileged to teach others to blow it.  A day or two ago I got to hear it played as part of an orchestra!

So this morning I will blow it as a battle cry, one to call us to remember any sin we have and repent.  I love to blow the shofar and I am thankful that today I get to blow it many times as we begin the fall holidays!

Wonder if it is sounded in heaven and Gene will get to hear it there?  If so, I bet it is even better!

I choose to find something to be Thankful for Every Day.

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