Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thirty one - ders!

#1 What is ONE thing I can be thankful for today?

a hot water tank so I get a warm shower on this first really cool day of Fall!

and besides that I ate an "everything" bagel for breakfast and that was yum.

and besides that ....I am not Quite as overwhelmed as I was last night when I was reflecting on ALL the changes that I have been required to embrace in the last 5 months.  Last night I was listing them and I told the Lord it is too much, it is just too much.

Hunter starting a full time job.
Hunter's Senior year instead of his Junior year of high school
Hunter graduating....Thus ending my immediate journey of home schooling [it has defined my life for 22 years]
Gene being diagnosed with cancer 8 days after the graduation
All of Gene's illness and death in just a few short weeks

Change...I really am not fond of it.

BUT today is a little better and I am choosing to be thankful for Thirty One-derful days of autumn.

We are going to have to say it to begin to believe I say it first..... I embrace it second...I believe it as God gives me strength to do so.

Come on .........what do you choose to be thankful for!

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Laura said...

OK, I need to play this game. I am thankful that I am not sick with a headcold like I was last week. I can actually breathe the cool fresh fall air.