Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day #31 NOT the Conclusion

The end of the 31 day challenge has come [and gone if you notice the time this post is being written]  but I declare it is NOT the time to stop looking for things to be thankful for.

The everyday write about it may change pace [my life is sort of dull just now] but I am determined to make my comments ones of THANKSGIVING.

....in the grocery store to another patron

....to a friend I encounter, avoiding the opportunity to complain

....when I am working on a project that is daunting, find a way to give thanks

....wherever I go,

....whatever I am doing,

....whomever I am with,

what truthful thing can I chose to give thanks about?

Can I move beyond the awkward places where others want me to join in their complaints, without judging them?

Can I encourage without being overbearing?

Can I face real and difficult situations [like my neighbor's son in law being killed this afternoon in an auto accident] and be kind, helpful and offer hope of a thankful heart when the pain is SOOOOO raw to them.

That is my next challenge.  Thankful .....Every....Day to live for the Lord and make choices that offer the hope of comfort and salvation, peace and relief to others that God has been ministering to me through these extraordinarily difficult months.

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