Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Work Resumes

I thought I would like having a break from nearly daily blogging since last June but I am missing it.  Much more importantly it is easier to think and express a thankful attitude when I am reflecting during the day on have written or am planning to write, in the blog.

I can so easily fall into boredom, routineville, sadness, and the difficult thoughts very quickly rush to the fray!

So I am back fighting...I don't really want too but if I do not fight I will die inside so the thankful...every battle resumes.

Today I am thankful for the new living room furniture I bought.  Yet it makes me [almost unbearably] sad to be sitting on and looking at furniture Gene never shared even though we talked about it from time to time we contented ourselves with the satisfactory furnishings.  I wonder if you or anybody else can understand how sad the new makes me.

Thankful only because I chose to be.  every.   day.

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