Sunday, November 6, 2011

and also for lunch

Today I am thankful for my matron of honor.

I have known Kay for many years now [we met working midnight shift at PGH...back when it was PGH!]

She shared there was something more to growing in the Lord than just being good and attending church.  I had told her I didn't know anybody that lived the ideals I heard preached.  I just hadn't met the right concepts yet.  Now I know dozens and dozens of people who are doing their utmost to live the way the Lord would ask.

Kay consistently invited me to attend a bible study with her until I relented, went, and fell in love with the study of the word of God!

 She worried herself sick with our wedding details and she stood beside me as Gene and I married!  We were oblivious to the details!

She and her husband own horses and so Gene fell in love too ...with her horses!  and loved Kay too!  [Once when she was very sick, Gene and I jumped into the car........ having called the ambulance for her and Gene went 80 miles an hour right through downtown Delmar to get to their farm!]  oh my!

Last week she enveloped me in comfort as I sobbed through worship.

And today she bought me a steak lunch which I have been craving!

I am Thankful [unto the Lord].....Every....Day ....for Kay.

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