Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early and too late!

I am trying to write this post considerably earlier than I usually get to it.  The goal is bed at 9pm!  though I intend to read some more about "It Happened in Italy" about how the Italian Government although aligned with Nazi Germany maintained and segregated it's Jewish population and consequently saved thousands and thousands of lives refusing to deport them to German camps and impounding them in Italian camps where they were fed and clothed and given medical treatment and schooled and given rooms at the monastery for personal prayer.

I had the driveway evaluated today, Gene and I were going to get around to fixing that one day....some day!  He did take a shovel out there and dug about 17 shovelfuls of the HARD packed sand that has created all kinds of lumps and ridges and then proclaimed....I am done and I am not fixing that!  Well, Steve says 20 tons of stone and stone dust pounded together will fix it and he will do it so I guess that is easier.......and he will create two LEVEL walkways!   But the front stoop, we are too late on trying to fix.  It will have to be torn out and replaced!  And those gutters we have been meaning to consider for the last 20 years?...... really need to go up, at least over the new front stoop!

Jeanne sent me the best so far bit of a blog written by her brother after he lost his wife.  It was the truest thing I have read about losing a spouse.  Perhaps I will share it with you later.  I ordered a book from the library Widow to Widow that is supposed to be full of practical advise.  Spiritual I am working hard on;  it is all this practical stuff that is so overwhelming

BUT I am Thankful.........Every.......Day that God has given me the strength to walk one more step.

Join me in prayer for 5 year old Greysen from DE.  He has a tumor in his brain and saw Dr. Ben Carson on the 5th.  will get an opinion Wednesday on options.  AI duPont says inoperable.  God knows.

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