Sunday, February 26, 2012

For real world bible lessons

It Looks like a Bible Lesson to me.....this is a phrase I sort of invented during a season when Pastor asked me to give a children's lesson each week before he gave his message.  I had such fun asking the Lord what to see and how to see His word in action.  Just about anything can become a bible lesson.  Good or bad I just have to open my mind up to it.

Here is one I saw today....

We were singing a worship song this morning

Though my world may fall, 
I'll never let you go

I thought back to a couple of weeks ago when I utmost desperation ...... tried to tell my children how I was feeling.  I called to their remembrance the Road Runner cartoon [one of the very few cartoons I really like].  I told them amid deep sobs I felt like Wile E. Coyote who had once again run off [or been forced off a cliff and was hanging in mid air soon [very soon] to plunge to the river or ground far far below, ofttimes to be followed closely by a boulder landing on his head.

At the time that was as far as my mind could embrace.  The feeling of being out in mid air with absolutely no hope of stabilization until suffering a horrible fall and crash.

But this morning as we were singing I had to stop singing and write this...a bible lesson for me.
--Just after Wyle E. Coyote realizes his personal support [that of his own devising] is gone and he is surely headed for a crash....he falls...smashing below.

BUT that is never the end of the story.....Wyle recovers, a bit battered from the fall  but he regroups, and goes at the pursuit once again.  He just doesn't give up...nothing ....absolutely nothing convinces him that the reward is not worth the sacrifice of every effort [financial...emotional....courage or hope and the pursuits are worth the goal.

The world and what it says can not conflict with Wyle's heart knowledge. up he gets and he figures out yet another way to reach his goal...that of out smarting the road runner.

What did you learn in church today?   I am thankful every day for bible lessons.  Today one from a cartoon!

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