Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lessons from other blogs

I thought I would next write in a week or so ....and I thought it would be about the lessons from the trip away during March....or maybe a lesson from the new job or jury duty that consumed April.

But it is not....not two weeks, not traveling, not being available for jury duty, not at all.

It is a blog I read on the e-loop I belong to for nurses who care for dying babies and their families.

It has touched me deeply [it has taken three days to read it] and I have had several cries as I read it.  The blog's link is incorporated into the article which I am linking here:

Do not click on it lightly and do not click if you are not looking for a deeper walk with your Lord.

I think the thing that touched me so deeply has been that this entire story, as well as a story within Nora Rose's story, have both unfolded while we have been grieving Gene's departure from Earth.  God has been at work in so many other people's lives...truly He is omnipotent.

We are called to comfort each other and that doesn't look the same from story to story but being available and loving another person as they travel the hard road does look the same.  The unbelievable.... the acceptance.....the reception of God's intervening mercy.  Sometimes through the comfort of others and their arms about you and sometimes in the silence of aloneness with God.  Prayer works because God meets us and He is COMFORT.  Not the food or the errands or even the hugs.  It is God who comforts and it is almost not explainable.  I have never understood it before.

See what you think.

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