Friday, May 4, 2012

Some Things you should not have to do.

There are times when I shake my head and get annoyed.  There are, I think, some things you should never have to do!

Not necessarily in order:

Experience the death of your husband

Feel the loneliness of your children moving beyond school age and into their own worlds

Clean out under your bed when your pack rat husband stored stuff under there that you forgot you would have to deal with when you  are working through #1

Do your chores like your life isn't upside down.

Do your chores to please only is so much easier when you can say, "I did it for you, Hon"

Make your bed with fresh linens just for you.

Figure out who is in charge in your life when your husband AND your Pastor both die within 8 months.

Start a new job in the middle of it all.

Act like you don't feel upside down because there is just so much stuff that has to be done.  When you say my husband died 2 weeks ago EVERYTHING is excused by EVERYBODY.  But when you say my husband escaped for heaven last summer and my pastor died most unexpectedly just over a month ago.  People tend to say, Oh wow.  Now on to the business at hand and

................ they think can think.  

They are sooooo wrong.

Buy a new car, try to decide if you should change insurance companies, help your son choose his first car, buy a new fridge [and have the kitchen remodeled so you can put it in the house], travel for a month and be on jury duty, and know that in one month you must start to go to school online.

 [This is a partial list.....[ack!]  I could add watch your son struggle with insurance companies, look to see how you can interact with your husband's side of the family, watch your youngest struggle with college and full time work at the same time, or I could give you the full list!]

AND THEN..........God speaks.......through the tears, through the self pity, through the STUFF.

"I've got you", He whispers, "I've got you", and it is enough ...for now.

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