Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

My lunch is packed [fork, napkins] two drinks and two snacks--planning to divide it all in half if I get two breaks to eat 1/2 on the first break and 1/2 on the second.

salad with chicken and raisins [and onion dressing]
My new lunch box [with it's special freezy pouches] is in the freezer

My insulin is planned out, based on what I packed.

My breakfast is planned out [because I never WANT to eat first thing in the morning and for 19 years I could pretty much do as I wanted on that score]

these are made of icing and on a cake!
My stethoscope, bandage scissors and two ink pens and my essentials are laid out on the table ready to fill my pockets in the morning.

My hair is shorter
My uniform is ready and My ID badge is ready.

And I have advil with me in case my knees complain.

I have prayed and asked the body of Christ to pray with me for a successful day,

And I have ice cream for when I get home 

All simple things that add up into a big thing.  Tomorrow I am going to put into practice all I know about simple praise.

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