Thursday, October 18, 2012

Double Duty Again...Days 17 and 18 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

I loved it!  My return to nursing was satisfying and challenging at the same time.

me and Sara, my preceptor!

The computer system will take the most effort because I can only see it while I am there and at the same time I was trying to do many other things so no real time to learn the system.  Still with help I managed to "chart" or record a couple of things.  There is no more --hour or more of writing every little thing that happened to each patient in your shift's appropriate color into a chart.  Hooray!

Every patient gets a bar code scanned on their name band and the medication scanned every time, but mistakes can still happen and I saw two happen yesterday so I know what to be alert for as I return to nursing.  In one case the order had not yet been entered into the computer of an IV fluid 'flavor' change so the computer accepted the old formulation and another scenario involved a different department who does not yet use the scan the armband system....hoo-boy should they, because a patient got a minor procedure [blood drawn] that they did not need and no one should have to endure something they do not need in the medical testing department.

I saw several people who remembered me from the old days and one in particular was full of compliments about how much nicer I had become, how much I have toned down.  It was nice to hear I was doing well with my goal to work hard, try to be available and helpful to every person on my team.

My preceptor and I laughed over the different ways we pronounced some deeply technical medical do you say woosey? [spell check doesn't know what I am trying to say but that feeling where you know you are going to be sick?]  I say wooz zee;  she says woo see!  She is very generous with allowing me to interact with the patients and the 13 hours flew by.

Every two patient room has been converted into a single patient room and that is so nice!  Much better for patient, family and staff!.  If necessary there is space a second bed can be added but they try not to do so.

I was actually surprised at what a good day I had.  Somewhere about 6:15 pm I looked at the clock and was shocked to think I only had another 45 minutes to go to finish my day.

Simple Praise and I know Whom to give it to!

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