Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

There is a time for wild adulations of praise over little things [remember when your baby slept "all" night meaning over 5 hours? or when your last child was out of diapers?]  In the big scheme of things those are not all that unusual  and nobody but you and your closest family get why you are excited...But God loves to hear about it.

There are times of deep contentment when all is at rest [I felt that way at the end of each scout meeting when we would join in a circle of intertwining hands and sing Taps] ...and God loves to hear about it

There are times when we are trying so very hard to trust God and not express negative thoughts or even feelings for fear that it will mar our Christian testimony so we say, "well praise God, I am muddling through"  .......and God understands and loves to hear about it.

There are times when we are sooooo afraid and overwhelmed and we know that without the Lord, as in the hymn "Where would I go, oh Where would I go, Seeking a refuge for my soul" and we confess praise that only God is going to be able to fix this mess.....and God loves to hear about it.

He knows our crises  ones where we could have praised Him for taking over but we tried to straighten things our all by ourselves and when we have reached the end of our rope and do not have enough to tie a knot and hang on so we just fall off, but later we realize we are still alive and God has a big lap and He will still let stupid little me climb up into it and cry awhile.....and God loves to hear about it.

Today was a flavored day.  It began with finding out that a good friend had died late last night.  My friend was a believer so I can praise God that he is released from all the bonds of earth, His wife is a believer so I can praise God she knows the hope of glory.  But his disease was so very short, much like Gene and all my pain comes flooding back and I feel like I fell off my rope...but I didn't.  I know his wife has lost now 5 immediate family members in 2 months and I struggle to give a praise with that knowledge and I hurt for her ...oh I hurt for her and I think what can I do to help and I praise God that he will tell me when I am to do anything other than prayer and praise  ..........God loves to hear about it.

 He knows her heart and mine [and yours too]...and he loves to hear us give up and believe that only He can fix this one or bring quiet to the situation or joy back to our hearts.

Simple praise, I think is not always simple, .....but God knows and He loves to hear about it.

Deep quiet trusting praise that will sustain my friend and all of us who choose to offer praise even when we do not understand.  [We'll save the wild and giddy adulations for other days]

Thankful and willing to trust God and willing to praise Him every day but really glad that He loves to hear about it, all of it, right in the midst of "it."

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