Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

I took history classes in my school years and I went to lots of interesting locations [Yosemite, San Francisco, Muir Woods, Chicago,  cross country by train, Daniel Boone's homestead, Valley Forge, Disneyland and Disney World, Little Grand Canyon of PA, The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Colonial Williamsburg] and heard about many others where members of my family lived or traveled [Alaska, Hawaii,Texas, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nova Scotia, Israel, Venezuela] but I didn't really get the connection between them.  Yet this is what makes history interesting.  The stories about the people who went there and what they did there.

John Muir
The Chinese Immigration, the Irish Immigration, One particular Pole's immigration
The sale of an orange grove to a man with a wild idea

The Transcontinental Railroad

Shipping around the world
The formations of canyons
The reenactment of people  and their lifestyle
The place where Tran got his hands hurt
Cousin Dan is flying a helicopter--where?
Where Bunya was from
Where Grandfather lived before he married Grandma

Where Roney lived
Where Mrs. Granae lived when her son Pierre was born.

 Where Grandma was held at gunpoint in her tour bus.[Jordan-Israeli border]
Where Aunt Dede went to visit
Where the people Aunt Dede saved from the war had lived.

My mom walking on a glacier and falling and sliding down a glacier!

And not only where and who are all these people, but what happened in their land and why was it important?

THAT is what makes history interesting....I didn't connect it to the lesson books at school, the teachers did not seem to appreciate my interrupting the context of the paragraph with what I knew about that place and what happened to me there or who I knew that lived there.   I didn't know that I loved history...I just thought I loved interesting stories.  But turns out I was building a knowledge of times and cultures that fascinates me all the more today.. ......And I was way past childhood when in singing a popular song about a reindeer I realized that the final line was not "He'll go down in HISTORY "  I thought it was "He'll go down in his story" because I thought stories fun and turned out the stories [some fun...some not] were history.

Discovering how and when and where and why God has allowed mankind to figure things out is something that makes up interesting history stories.  I don't have to figure it all out, I just trust God in the midst.  If I can do that it is a simple praise.

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