Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

These thoughts have been rattling around in my mind today.



Simple Praise A [the political one]  I poured out a piece of my grief to a friend this morning, confessed to her my tears and stress and while I dealt with Simple Praise B she took time from her day to comfort me in a return message.  How does this get the label of  [political]?  My anxiety was over the foolishness of  the political game of smearing ugliness all about and stir up anxieties and most of it goes to the "news"media who can not allow people to listen for themselves and interpret for themselves and stay off their own agenda and simply ask the questions that people want to know.  Puller posted an article that gave facts about a wretched political race full of smear campaign from....wait for it......1796........between Adams and Jefferson and it just sort of topped off my political tanks.  The simple praise is that I can choose to rest ALL of it in God's hands and let him pick who next goes in office and I can pray that what He wishes to accomplish be accomplished.

Simple Praise B [the funeral one]  My friend Ben died last week.  He [like Gene] received 7 weeks to walk a path from diagnosis to release.  He was the congregational leader of our Messianic Fellowship [Beth L'Chiam]  His wife Liz and I traveled together a couple of years ago to a conference in PA but have also been friends for many years before that.  Today was his funeral.  I cried and Puller was so sweetly concerned for me and sat with me and comforted me.  I was having a hard time but not just because it all reminded me of Gene...but because I loved Brother Ben.  He was a squishy sweet dynamo.  He was strong and emotional at the same time.  I cried because I miss Ben.  The simple praise?  I heard lots of laughter as memories were shared and families supported Liz and each other.  God was at work in a group of diverse ages, races, genders and connections.  Messianic, Christian, Jewish and I really don't know just yets.  He was there.  Many times that is enough for now.  But I am emotionally drained tonight.

Simple Praise C [the religion one] All day long my mind has been on the wonders and workings of God.     I shared with Ben's older sister Hetty after I watched her hug a family member just the way Ben hugged people--full out drape over your shoulder if you were family...total emotion in physical form....Love seen and love felt and that is what religion is supposed to help us feel....the love of God and express our love unto Him.  Pastor Dave shared how as a boy he was lost in the swampy forest as night descended before he realized the hour.  But when he stopped, quieted his heart and listened carefully, he could hear his father finishing on the combine in a nearby field.  Suddenly he wasn't alone, he had direction to turn towards and he knew who was going to be there as he left the swamp.  He walked directly toward the sound of his father and found him finishing the late afternoon farm work.  That is such a good picture of our Heavenly father....He is about the work of the Kingdom, one of his children needs him and He is there runnin' stuff as we walk towards him.  The simple praise is in stopping,  listening, setting our feet in the right direction and walking.

So the three topics people shy away from brought me to simple praise of Yahweh today.

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