Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

I was given the lulav and the etrog to bring home today.

What a special fun thing...I have never had one in my house before.  Held them several times at church but today I was asked to do a wave offering with them and then was given them as a gift to bring home.

I liked this picture of an Abba [Daddy] helping his little son to do the blessing I got to do this morning.  and you can see they are in their sukkah.
I show you a picture for now and some other time I  will tell you some of the treasure I have in my heart for the Feasts commanded of the Lord!

this shows the fruit up close...smells citrusy and the 3 branches commanded in Leviticus the palm the willow and other leafy branches [in this case myrtle]  The myrtle smells basil-ish.

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