Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beginning of bariatric posts

A new day dawning....such hopeful words.  I want some more of hopeful words in my life.

I am starting on a series of new challenges and I want to see how I can be Thankful Every Day in the midst of them.

I am working as a substitute nurse in the public school system......I am thankful that I like the job.  I am thankful for the little boost to my economic picture.  I am thankful I can help the students and teachers with all the little [and sometimes big] things that happen in any given day!

I am busy with the Messianic Fellowship "Beth L'Chaim" [meaning "House of Life"].  We are meeting every two weeks and it is a joy to fellowship with others.  I also am meeting together with a group to study a specific passage of scripture each Thursday evening and each Saturday afternoon.  I am Thankful Every Day for fellow believers to walk the walk of faith alongside.  I delight in the diversity of my friends and I look forward to learning together.

I have undertaken a new health decision as well.  I realized a few months ago that nearly all of the issues I take medicine for relate to my weight.  I have decided to do something concrete about that fact. I have made the decision to go public [to my friends at least !] to share this effort.  I am walking the path to bariatric surgery and have been walking towards that goal since last October. [Unless you count since 2004 when a doctor first planted the seed of consideration - I got mad at her!]  Or unless you consider the fact that over the last three years I have known three friends who have had this operation [there are several types and they each had a different type] and I have been following their journeys too.  Or unless you consider that I spent quite a bit of time about 15 months ago with a very successful weight loser.  Or if you want to just go with the last October when I finally took action and said I WILL investigate this for me.

At any rate the only reason I am writing about this is to bring encouragement to others.  I need to heard about other people's successes and I want to be truthful about my walk.  Some friends and family have known for a few months now and some will learn about the decisions and challenges through this blog.  I am Thankful Every Day for this communication source and  I hope you will walk the journey with me.

Wonder what bible lessons I will find along the way?



dishgirl said...

I am confident that you will succeed with this Joan! I really am!!

Joanne Mitchell said...

Having a community of believers to support you in times of transition is vital to success and it looks like you've got several from which to draw support and encouragement. Good for you! Praying all goes well!