Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bariatric Post #2

I am settling in to my decision to have bariatric surgery. This has been a process and I believe not one to be taken lightly.  At first I was irritated at the 6 month process of getting ready and jumping through hoops

face the indignation over "you must join this gym to be seen by this physician" [as though I have never been to the gym before.....erg.]

reflect on the patients I have cared for in the hospital and the complications I have seen and the memory of the tragedies shown on "news" programs [these are pretty awful and what led gene to say...no I don't want you to do that]

speak to friend who has had the surgery...Tell me the nitty gritty, admit I am considering it [What? her experience is different from what I have heard?...yay!]
facing my weight and allowing someone else to witness it 3 months in a row [....ug.]
Endocrinologist...what do you think?...."You would be an excellent candidate." [Hmmmmm]
travel 3 hours to visit the surgeon [so kind...all staff...of course this can be for you.]
visit a psychologist [am I sane....apparently so.]
refacing the medical nutritionist department that was NO help previously [still fighting to do it my way]
revisit surgeon with 10 specific questions "good you are doing your homework....ask away!" [Thank -you]
3 hours, 2.5 hours 2 hours bariatric nutrition class work [listening listening listening]
Meet with Bariatric Nutritionist [new way of thinking for some reason this gave more hope than any other visit]
FINALLY have the heart change to completely alter the way I currently eat
begin sipping and never with food
begin mini-meals every 4 hours on the clock
begin research on vitamins
taste the protein drink [you would not believe the dread associated with this one]

decide to be outspoken or keep it just to myself........decision to share to have support without worry from friends...to find that everywhere I told other bariatric patients were but I never knew it.  Hope to make this a more real experience in case someone else wants to know.  If they ask I will tell!

So here I am 2 weeks pre-op.  Still working on my thinking process and now having difficulty with my blood sugars...going too low!  Might have to reduce my dosage of insulin even pre-op..... That would be a good thing!

It Looks like a Bible Lesson and I am off to find it! ....later gator!


Puller Adkins said...

I want to see the results from the psychologist!

Joanne Mitchell said...

Aren't kids the greatest at keeping us humble? (regarding Puller's comment above!)
Joanie, I've no doubt that your story will inspire others to find a way to take charge of their health and search their way through fears and concerns and attitudes and reluctance and frustration, etc. Even if their way doesn't lead to surgery. I am inspired by it!