Sunday, July 10, 2011

At the Altar

We sang during worship at church this morning, I cried during a couple of songs but I also chose to proclaim, "Blessed be the name of the Lord;  Every blessing You pour out, I'll turn back to praise, and when the darkness closes in Lord still I will say...Blessed be Your name."

We decided not to make a solemn announcement of the Thursday scan reports but instead we went to the altar to thank the Lord for the blessings of this week.

That Gene's brother had come for a visit and took Gene riding, that Billy had called from Mississippi, that Perry, and Rich and Kevin from work had called, that Steve had come for a visit, that Rita has no pain after her surgery, that Lewis is handling the chemo well, that Other Steve is doing what must be done with the American Legion, that Dad wasn't hurt in his fall, That we were able to get the errands done that must be done only by us.  That because Gene is not traveling to work every night we have not had to spend so much on gas this week and so we have just a touch of breathing room in the checking account.

We spent some time together for the first time since diagnosis, all 5 of us together, this afternoon.  We watched a movie together and then read a bit of a book called  "When God Doesn't Make Sense"

One brother has been praying and we are joining him that not only will the cancer cells be cursed but that the healthy cells would be blessed and empowered to do their job and do it most effectively!

We just got word that a sister we have been praying for passed away this noontime.  We weep with those that weep.

 For all the parts .........we are

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Rebecca said...

My heart is with you, Joanie! Even in the midst of it, through the very horrible times when you're not able to sleep, you still put into practice Phillipians 4:8. If you need ANYTHING that I can assist you with, let me know, my dear sister in Christ!