Saturday, July 9, 2011

A New Day

Yesterday went had a sadly UNUSUAL experience....but a GOOD one!  We kept an appointment with our primary care doctor.  We had advised him of the happenings in our lives and he he had called to say keep our appointment, he would waive his fees for the visit and we would pray instead!

So we did, we visited and talked for a few minutes, he made a couple of suggestions and offered any help or care that he could give and then the three of us joined hands and prayed for the remaining time.  How refreshing to pray with your doctor!  We chose Dr Gorgui for his location and the fact that he is in practice by himself [something we always value so that when you need to see the doctor you get to know the one person].  But when we first visited he has art on the wall reflecting scriptural truths, he has some reading material in the waiting room like Daily Bread and Guideposts as well as the regular fare of magazines.  Turns out he is a Pastor in Seaford.  Add him to your thankful for....prayer list!

We walked through the our town to get a little exercise and pick up a book at the library.  We have chosen to read together as a family James Dobson's book, When God Doesn't Make Sense and plan to begin it tonight if all are willing.  As we walked back to the car Gene shared stories of Vacation Bible School in his home town and remembered how they always sang Great is Thy Faithfulness at opening ceremonies.  So we sang it together as we walked holding hands!  Sweet!

As we arrived home Gene announced ...I am not nauseated!  For the first time since April he had some relief using the medicine the surgeon had prescribed!

The day progressed, a very dear friend came over about 6:30pm and stayed until late into the night to talk and pray and comfort me and various others.  God gave her a right on message for us and she shared that with us.  I wrote it down so as not to forget but it was a simple message......."Do not be afraid"  It addresses lots of areas in each of our lives and some things we had not identified with fear but really they are!

After our friend left I needed some settle down time and finally went to bed about 2am having been up for 22 hours at that point.  Gene had tried for the second time taking a sleep aide though it had not worked well the first night, and I took some generic nyquil as sleep as been somewhat difficult with all the stress of the last few days.  He had gone to bed hours earlier while I remained up to talk with our friend.

Next thing we knew it was quarter to 11 today!!  What a refreshing sleep!  What a thing to be thankful for!  And today Gene's older brother arrived to "kidnap" Gene and didn't tell us anything more than that he would bring him back!  Happily they went off together so I am thankful for restoration of relationships within the family.  I pray they have a great time.

Mid-day and I have just learned of a friend who has just been diagnosed with another form of cancer.  So another prayer opportunity.  He is having his first chemotherapy right now.  In James 5:13-15 it says:

Are you hurting? Pray. Do you feel great? Sing. Are you sick? Call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet. And if you've sinned, you'll be forgiven—healed inside and out.

When I considered and applied for a job at The City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa, OK [before I was ever married....another story!] Oral Roberts had made a video to show to every employee and to every patient in the hospital.  It instructed, from these verses in James that each of us well or sick were to pray but if you were the sick one you had a duty to pray for others so while you were walking for your physical therapy, past the door of someone else, your job was to pray for them and they for you.  Putting this scripture into action...If anyone of you is sick, a whole new light for me.  One I have never forgotten.

I am Thankful for today for relief from nausea, for a new day with family relationships and for His mercies, they are new every morning  even if your morning begins just before noon!

So Thankful....Every....Day [and night!]

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