Saturday, July 16, 2011

for a plan

Tonight I am numb ....again.  Tired from travel to Baltimore yesterday [Let me tell you right up front that mapquest didn't understand where I wanted directions and gave the weirdest stuff!]  THANKFUL that God placed people in our path that were able to identify the problem and fix it!

Tired from this follow up day when we sat with our three children and shared the bottom line with them.  THANKFUL that we found things to laugh about with them even as we reviewed what the doctors said.

Tired from having to talk once again on such a difficult topic with Gene's parents [both in their 80's and not in prime health] and with his siblings.  They all lost the youngest brother just a few years ago.  THANKFUL that they all care deeply and are talking together and sharing the information with each other.

Tired of not having our regular routine.  THANKFUL that we are able to be together and have been able to be open and sharing with each other.  No shutting down and going off alone to become depressed.

Tired of having to make other decisions besides the medical ones [We have been trying to buy a car for several months but we are slow deciders and this press to go to Baltimore has forced the 'find a better car' to the forefront but I don't want to go car shopping]  THANKFUL for all the thought going into making ME personally most comfortable in the new car.  That need is usually quite low on the list!

Tired of sharing this medical news that sounds so short lived for Gene.  THANKFUL for so many friends and relatives and loving family within the body of Christ all eager to be of any help and all faithfully praying.

I think I will be off to bed where I am always thankful for my feather pillow and my c-pap machine and now --because of this icky mess I get to be THANKFUL for sleeping next to my sweet husband who is almost always gone at night working, but not tonight and not for the next month, He'll be right beside me. [unless I kick too much!]

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Cheryl said...

This post is so touching. I am THANKFUL that you are able to share the reality, including your feelings and frustrations, and yet find so many things for which you are thankful.
You are an inspirations to me!