Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Go Down"

I spent the morning worship service on the floor, on my face crying.  It all began with the Lord speaking to me as soon as the shofar sounded to remove my shoes.  This I willingly did.  As we began the second song I heard him say, "go down", I knelt and knew instantly that that was not as far down as He meant.  I lay out upon the floor thinking........ to worship there is a very good place and then the tears began to flow.  I stayed there the rest of the time of singing and was THANKFUL Kate has taken on the tissue ministry for the family.  Gene knelt down beside me and offered tissues and humor and help to get up.  God spoke a relevant word that was given, personally to me from a sister, just I got up.  I am Thankful for each one in the body of Christ reaching toward our heavenly Father asking what they can do to be helpful.

This afternoon I feel tired and weary...I think a nap sounds good.  We had lots of squishy heart syndrome going on on the drive home.

I am thankful .....every

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