Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need a drink

 No, I don't mean alcohol--not at all!  but I need to make sure I take care of myself in the midst of this crisis.  Talk about easier said than done.  Hoooo-boy.  When I get over stressed I usually think I am hungry but in truth I need to drink more water.  So that is a goal for the next few days.  To do what is difficult to remember.  Maybe I should write it on my head and forearm like God said to do with His commands in Exodus.

Tomorrow is the big day we have been waiting for, where we will meet the melanoma man from Johns Hopkins. He will explain until we comprehend.  He will recommend treatments and therapies he feels are worth considering and he will give a prognosis based on those different therapies.  Gene and I go back and forth on what ifs and then we pray some more and we say again we will hear out every idea from surgery to radiation to chemotherapy to alkaline blood balance to the healer in West VA and when all is said and done we will turn over all the information before the Lord and ask HIM what to do and how much and when as we choose to trust HIM in all of it.

Today had some nice thankful moments....We took some children horseback riding and that is always fun to see the delight on their faces.  Gene let them help groom the horse, then be led about in the yard and then each got to control old Skipper [He's 32 which is about 95 in people years!] by themselves inside the roundpen.  The only sad face was by our little friend from the Ukraine who did not want to get off!  She was a little bit pacified by being allowed to help with the saddle being removed and all the equipment being put away.

Another Thankful moment came when our good friends sent fresh vegetables to us from their garden and joined hands around our table to pray with us about the trip to the doctor tomorrow.

Then another was the mystery fresh flowers that appeared on our table.

Now supper and bed and Baltimore tomorrow.......Keep praying.

I am, we are, thankful ......every for the blessings that come and the sweet, sweet communion between the two of us in these past stressful weeks.

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dishgirl said...

I pray that you both are able to sleep tonight, so you can go to Baltimore well rested. I pray you get helpful direction from the melanoma doctor, and a dose of optimism and a whole lot of hope. I pray that you remain thankful, Joan. I know you will. Love, Sharon