Sunday, July 31, 2011


We have been around the barn but because of the detour we are perhaps in the position God wants for now.  We are very tired and desperately want to come home.

Yesterday [Saturday the 30th] we headed back to ER and stayed through until this morning at 8:30.  Again everyone was so kind and helpful but again it was a very long time.  Gene finally got a handle on the issue we have been fighting for 16 days.

Annnnd the result of getting his bowel function back is he is once again nauseated!  What a choice!  But at least we have had some significant practice with management of the nausea.

So yesterday we both had very little sleep, we have napped but are waiting eagerly for bedtime tonight!

I am thankful, but for today I am going to say it is mainly for the Popeye's chicken place and for the GREAT provision of the Lord that put money in our pockets so when were are really under the pressure I could easily walk across the street and get us something warm to eat.

 and to know that you are all praying for us.  Please don't stop.

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