Sunday, September 4, 2011

Part 6.......The Real and the True

I traveled to Haiti in April of 1984, at Easter Time.  Today I do not even like the name Easter much preferring to call it Resurrection Day!  but considering what we saw maybe it is better to call it easter as spiritual things are certainly heightened at that time of year even among the ungodly.

I really didn't want to go...actually was pretty afraid of travel with missions as a goal...what would I have to contribute?  I thought of something.  I recruited many doctors in our area to give many many medical supplies to  clinics being run by various groups and then asked this fellow from church who had been in the AirForce to loan me a duffel bag to transport it all in. [Guess Who????] Gene came through with two duffels and he brought them to me to pack.  Once in Haiti I worried but was so glad when the medical duffels went through without a hitch.  [The toy squirt guns that were being taken to the mission family for their 2 and 5 year old children didn't go through.  They were confiscated and the person carrying them was thoroughly questioned in a separate room!]

The trip was amazing, 10 days in a nation of such contrast and such spiritual condemnation, yet where much sin abide so does much grace.  Confirming Romans 5!  We found the church, we shared with the church, the church shared with us, in many different locations.  I was able to take the medical supplies to one of the clinics.  We had 22 people in our traveling party and we joined with Ron and Carol Green who were living in Port O Prince during those years along with their small sons.  Something most unusual was that of the 22 travelers, 11 were children.  We went to schools and orphanages as well as churches.   Up mountains and in RAIN storms in addition to seeing some of the poorest places in the world we also visited a resort.  We left the resort, after snorkeling and finding purple sea urchins and having the opportunity to wash our hair for the first time in many days only to encounter the RahRah bands of spirit dancers undulating just outside the resort gates.  Were they there because we were there?  Why had we chosen on that day only to place all 11 of the children all in one van and the rest of us in the second van?  That van of children began  to pray that they would be protected and that they wouldn't even see anything alarming.  The van of adults began to pray for safety of the children and safe passage for our vehicle.

You know .........both prayers were answered!  When our adult van arrived at the house with windows bashed in and glass all over and under  many of us, with new experiences galore of voodoo crazed crowds rocking our vehicle and spiritually wicked actions and words and songs ringing in our minds the children joyfully greeted us ------ chowing down on cereal and milk about the way God had answered their prayer and how they had ridden home in safety!  Both prayers answered by one God!

Another day while we were in Haiti, and I really do not remember how it came about, a prophetic word was spoken over me.  A risky one I thought.  Phil Dypski spoke.... I would be married in one year.  Thanks a lot Phil.  I firmed in my mind ...put that one on the shelf......Don't hold it.  [Remember I wanted more than anything to be married and raise children]  And I was 28 years old with no dating prospects within sight.  So, I did place it on a back shelf....but I never forgot!  I have found that to be consistently true of God, When He has given a message I simply do not forget it.  Many times I have set aside but God brings it back to my memory at the right time.  God waited many many years to bring this one back to my mind but He did and I told Gene and testified about it other times since.  Eleven months later in March of 1985 Gene and I were married.  And we had been in courtship mode for 4 months so it had to be God who spoke it to Phil in Haiti 6 months before he spoke to Gene and me to tell us that we were going to be together.  Remember it took three weeks after His telling for Shy Guy to ask me out!

The Real and the True!   Oh I am thankful!

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Frances said...

Joanie, it must be so bittersweet for you, reliving these memories. I think when someone has lost a loved one, a lot of people are afraid to mention that person's name for fear of causing more sadness. In truth, I would guess that Gene's name and the memories surrounding your love are the only things you are really wanting to hear at the moment. May God speak into your heart again, as you remember all the ways He has led you during all these years. May the things He whispers to you go way down deep and be felt even in your most wounded places. How, oh how, would we ever be able to go on without Him?