Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31derful Days of thanksgiving..... Day #11

I give thanks for constant support,

Last evening I was informed that the patch on the roof had completely disintegrated and was no more and that we had a 70% chance of rain today and 90% for Wednesday.

Within an hour I had three men willing to come and recover the hole in the roof.

Today I started moving the computer to the study room [sort of like a home office now] and totally messed myself up because of foggy brain syndrome [caused by poorly working sleeping meds] and within a short space of time Puller arrived to straighten out the whole problem and I am now located where I wanted to be in my "office".

My cousin contacted me to see if I would like a cousin day on Saturday morning......Yes.  Yes I would.

Another friend wants to take me out for supper!  Fried Chicken! [Gene didn't especially like chicken so that is always a treat!]

My neighbor completed his full course of chemo yesterday and now can rejoice in each step toward healing.

I found out my nephew who lives in Vietnam is going to be getting married in August 2012.  He teaches 1st grade there!

Gene's Dad was worried whether the memorial tree would survive.  I did the test on it and it passed so I have hope it will thrive.

I am Thankful .......Every ....Day                    I look for the things to thank God for and I find them!

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