Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving Day #12

This is SOOOOOOO much easier than last November's 30 Days of thanks.  I felt stretched by midmonth ...what ELSE can I say?

That is odd you'd  think if you know my situation.

Last year I was home schooling my youngest and knowing I had this year and one more to go before I would need him ready for college.  I had no idea the Lord would whisper in my heart [in April] "Allow him to graduate after this year."

Last year I had NO IDEA that my sweetheart would die within 11 months.  We were looking forward to what will we do when the children are all done school?

But still it is easier to give thanks this year.  Why??????

I think because I have practiced.  In the most trying of circumstances I have practiced finding something to thank the Lord for.

I thank Him for a better night's sleep last night!  Went to bed at 8pm and woke at 6am.  That is something to give thanks for!  What a valuable lesson.  I thank Him for that too!


Marie said...

and i am thankful that you got good sleep too!


Sharon said...

Everyday my word for you is AWESOME:)