Friday, October 14, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving Day #14

Dreary days........sad days........down days........discouraged days........difficult days

And yet there are always things to be thankful for.  I don't have to be happy feeling to be thankful.  That is a revelation.  I can be all the above and thankful all at the same time.

My friend Marie reminded me of this song

Count Your Blessings
Name them One By One
Count your many Blessings,
See what God has Done!

I first encountered this song as sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.  I received a record player for my 13th birthday and it wasn't long before I owned a Tennessee Ernie's wonderful voice for myself!  I remember opening the 3rd story windows of my attic bedroom and putting the music on full blast!  Was this because I wanted to lose myself in the music ?  No, It was because I really wanted everyone around me to hear what he was saying!  [I got lost in the music though!]

So I remind myself:

pancakes with butter
Abby coming to visit tomorrow
Karen inviting me out to dinner for tomorrow [I love to anticipate and so I love an invitation rather than only           spur of the moment  activities]
Two friends becoming grandparents and my newest cousin being born
Getting the bills caught up
Progress in the reordering of the house
An invitation to attend a woman's conference
The opportunity to teach about our Hebraic roots this Sunday, at Feast of Tabernacles
Pomegranates to hang in the succah this year [from  Gene's Mom and Dad's bush]
A good movie to watch..."Lean on Me" starring Morgan Freeman

All stuff that I can easily give thanks to God the supplier of good and perfect gifts  even in the days that I feel under-ed by!

Please pray for my neighbor.  He is in  much pain and was taken to the ER tonight.  He needs a dose of happy times to balance out the difficult days.

I am thankful....every       I can pray.........every and God hears me.......EVERY .....DAY

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Marie said...

will pray for your neighbor, and continue to pray for you too!