Sunday, October 16, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving Day #16

I danced today.  I celebrated Feast of Tabernacles, teaching about the succah and about the holiday, blowing the shofar and rejoicing in the commands of the Lord.  Jesus celebrated this festival and we are commanded in the scripture to celebrate it and so I choose to do it.

Every tongue in heaven....Gene, Mom, Levin, Ken, Dick, Elizabeth
and Earth and me......... shall declare your glory,
Every knee shall bow at your throne in worship
You will be exalted oh God and
Your Kingdom shall not pass away
Oh Ancient of Days

The dance revealed that.................I am SOOO out of shape.  I am beginning to think again of my personal health and fitness routines but then I struggle with guilt.  If I heal enough to care about those things, what will I forget?

Healing is an odd thing.

I am thankful ........for healing [even if it confuses me].......every

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Kris said...

I celebrate with you, even in the hard times. Lots of love-Kristine