Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31derful Days of Thanksgiving .....Day #17

I am so thankful Puller was not hurt in the car/deer collision last night.  Totaled his car though!  The police had to put the poor critter down when they arrived.  Thankful also that he can rent a car for a few days while he figures out his next move and the insurance will pay for it.

Thankful for being able to find the book I have been looking for.  I just found out a friend's little boy can blow the shofar !  Successful on his first try!  I have two stories about boys who blow shofars and I wanted to share them with Levi, but I couldn't find them but tonight they are found.

Thankful to talk to my cousin Marjie in Fla.  It has been too long since we talked.

Thankful that my children knew every answer in the Jeopardy! category 'Lands of the Bible'

Thankful for the polite and seemingly honest heating and air conditioning man who came to the house this morning [at the time he said he would come!]  We discussed the replacement of the system here at our house that should have lasted 10 years but has now made it 13 but likely will not make it through next summer.  and the fact that he said without a doubt he can get the west side of the house cool and the back of the house warm when they are supposed to be each temperature!

See it is little stuff but it adds up and I feel more Thankful .......Every .....Day   when I write it out and share it!

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Marie said...

Levi was grinning ear to ear when he told me. busting his buttons!